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Isn’t it a common picture to start the day with a fresh cappuccino? Or would you go for Americano? Either of the two it may be, people of all ages prefer the beverage for the invigorating spell it casts on the body. Additionally, the magical substance in it, known as ‘caffeine’, often gets recommended by health professionals as to improve health conditions too. 

When all the food on your favourite list, barring some cups of hot coffee a day, gets cross-marked by your doc, isn’t it more than just good news? So, carpe diem! Let’s find out which single-serve coffee maker makes the hottest coffee for you in no time.

Learn the benefits of hot coffee

Coffee plays a vital role in improving both your mental and physical performance. It simply releases the stress and gives you an energetic day. In the morning you may be perplexed with a busy schedule onwards but when you think of anything to make this hell pass short for you – you think to have a cup of coffee.

Why not Buy a Personal Coffee Maker? 

 Actually, the long tiresome day requires more than one cup with a regular interval to be up. This is why it’s unavoidable to have a coffee maker of your own to save your precious time. With your own coffee maker, you won’t have to rush to a coffee shop- you are one touch away to taste a premium flavoured cup of coffee all by yourself.

Many renowned manufacturers provide these coffee makers to make your kitchen smart. However, there are many styles of coffee makers available in the market. Almost all are functional but vary in modes of operation. 

Which single serve coffee maker is best

Touch Plus T56S

Most coffee makers brew hot coffee at an average temperature but if you storm the whole market or filter through your search engine to find out which single serve coffee maker makes the hottest coffee, you will find only a handful. 

Touch plus T56S of the TOUCH brand is a wise choice among the hottest single serve coffee makers till date. It can brew coffee at the highest temperature, set by the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). This single serve brewer boils at the temperature of 196º F to 200º F in just 30 seconds.

How it works

Touch company’s Touch Plus single serve coffee maker brews the water at the optimal temperature what is best for the coffee to be mixed at.Unlike other brands it offers an exceptional brew cycle that actually works functionally to adjust the water to coffee contact. 

And, after the water-coffee contact, the temperature increases systematically. It brews at 200 F for evoking the flavor inside the coffee. Unlike other coffee makers, it starts to brew in just 20 seconds. This feature of fast brewing ability makes it more attractive to the customer. It’s rapid brewing technology results in a bold hot cup of coffee.

How to use it

It’s not rocket science. Much easier to use it. All you need is to refill the tank with water. The tank may carry 90oz of water at once.It depends on you how much coffee you want to brew at a time. There’s a setting menu for different types of coffee based on taste. Not all people love the same flavored coffee.It’s very subjective. 

If you want your coffee mild then you have to select “Mild” on the settings menu.The coffee maker brews coffee at a temperature of 195 degrees to 198 degrees F. If you want your coffee bold then you have to select the bold option. It brews the coffee at up to 200 degrees F temperature.

Cup Size

There are so many sizes  of cup starting from 6oz,8oz,10oz,12oz,14oz,16oz,18oz and 26oz carafe.There are various kinds of common pods such as k-cups, generic cups,Touch bold etc are attachable in this coffee brewer.

You can try whatever size you want.All you have to do is to put any of these cup on the drip tray, switch on the start button and guess what? Your coffee is brewing!

Special Features of Touch Plus

This coffee maker has the advanced technology used thoroughly in it.As a result, it is very simple and easy to use.It’s made of plastic not having much weight. That’s why it is very easy to carry wherever you want.It has a portable water tank. You can detach it and refill the tank anytime. 

There is also a drip tray that is portable too. You can remove it, clean it or adjust different sizes of cups. It is very good for use. The machine itself goes off automatically after use. All though it is a single-serve coffee maker, there is a jumbo cup included in it having the ability to brew four cups of coffee at once.

Another thing that is so special about this coffee maker is that the machine heat only the water sufficiently rather than heating the whole metal tank.It’s advanced technology made it possible.As a result there is no wastage of power and money.

which coffee maker makes the hottest coffee

Does that make quality Coffee? 

We always prefer coffee for gaining much energy. Whenever we get time we rush into the coffee shop for just a cup of coffee. When you are in work or having a busy schedule then you will probably not get much time. And, to that problem Touch plus comes as a solution to make for you the hottest coffee.   

 Whenever you feel low or short of energy you will brew the hottest coffee by your single-serve coffee maker at 200 degrees F. There will be no difference in taste between your coffee and the coffee shop’s one. On top of that this coffee maker brews coffee at a higher temperature than any other company, as a result, your coffee gets its full flavour.

 The ratio of caffeine in your coffee made by Touch Plus will be perfect. It makes four cups of coffee at once.This coffee will remain hot for a long time as it will be brewed by the hottest coffee maker. Now you need not go out. You will get your desired taste at home. Save your energy and money every day and enjoy the ultimate satisfaction.

Cons of Touch Plus

It’s very difficult to find products without flaws. If It’s a machine then you cannot give any guarantee. This single-serve coffee maker may brew the hottest coffee but it has some issues with its performance in long run. Most of its customers had complained about it’s longevity. 

If we take a look on the reviews given by the customer, it will be crystal clear that this company doesn’t provide proper customer support.In most of the cases, their customer doesn’t get any help from the company’s customer service. Considering the complaints this proves that the company is not conscious at all.

Therefore, buying this coffee maker doesn’t seem to be that much reliable. It is costly in the local market. It’s heavy price against the performance in the long run is questionable. That will make you think twice before buying this coffee maker.

Other competitors from different brands

There are so many brands that manufacture coffee maker. You will not see most of them on SCAA’s certified list. It’s because most of these are just models  from the same brand. However there are around 20 coffee makers that have the ability to brew coffee at 195-205F temperature. 

But most of them are not single-serve or you may find some single-serve coffee maker but they will not meet the desired temperature range. However, all of these companies have to pay a certain amount of fee to the SCAA to enter into the certified list. We will now move on looking at the best ones from the list.

which single serve coffee maker makes the hottest coffee

Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker 

This company manufactures their coffee maker all the way from the Netherlands. It is among the highest rated coffee machines from the list authorized by SCAA. It has the ability to brew coffee at temperature 196F to 205F. It mainly works with ground coffee. It can brew ten cups in around 7 minutes or less.It also ensures the premium flavoured taste.

This coffee maker heats the water through it’s copper element. It also has an arm having nine significant holes. Water goes through these holes to meet the coffee ground. It is made of BPA and plastics with a metal housing around it. There is no phthalate found in the plastic and that will take good care of your health.

Is it worth it

This KBG coffee maker is worth every penny. The special added feature of this coffee maker is you can select manually the temperature that you want to keep your coffee at. It has a special hot plate that works to keep the coffee warm for almost 1.4 hours. This hot plate turns off automatically. 

No waste of electricity, no waste of money.The good news about the coffee maker is that it is available at a cheap rate.

2.Keurig 2.0 K575

This versatile coffee maker may not be the topper in case of hottest coffee maker, but as a single serve coffee maker it will get the best rewards. The keurig 2.0 K575 coffee maker  has a 80oz water tank. You can brew coffee within 80oz at once.This coffee maker will brew your coffee at 176 degree temperature.

It’s true that it doesn’t have a rapid brewing system but it is not behind to offer you delightful taste. It is decent on public reviews.The company offers  this single serve coffee maker at a lower price.If you are not looking for a bold coffee maker then you should try this.This coffee maker is very simple and cheap.

Final Thoughts

If you go out in the market to buy the hottest single-serve coffee maker then you have to buy Touch plus T56S instead of thinking about public reviews and flaws of this coffee maker. This is the only coffee maker that will meet your expectations. 

Yes, you will find other coffee makers that brew at temperatures  upto 200 degree F but they are not single serve.  If you are alright with any coffee maker available, be it single serve, hot or not, then you may decide to buy the KGB coffee maker. If you are not interested in high temperature brewer then you should buy keurig 2.0 K575.

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.