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Today we have selected Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder to write a product review. The reason behind to select this product is given below-


Whether an amateur enthusiast or a coffee-addicted person, a good cup of coffee can brings a lot to them. The person who cannot even think of his/her one day without a cup of fresh coffee, it is the pre-requisite for that person to have a good coffee grinder available along with them.


To make a good coffee, we are prone to do a lot of things. Such as, we buy some good coffee beans, buy a good coffee grinder, buy a good coffee maker, and take tips from many renowned Barista, and so on. Sometimes it seems that making a barista tastes coffee in the home is like one of our dreams.


So, when it comes to the daily requirement of our coffee grinding process, there is no alternative to using a manual coffee grinder. So, now you may ask which coffee grinder you need to buy for yourself. The logical answers of this question are explained below.

khaw fee manual grinder

Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder Review:

Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder is made of still stainless materials, which ensures the long durability of your coffee grinder. This device has an infinitive adjustable grind setting; you can make many different types of coffee category as per your choice by picking any of those grind settings.


The glass jar present as the groundhopper ensures you to look after the grinding process. Rubber dust also covers present with this grinder so that any coffee dust from the hopper does not come to you. The bean hopper of this machine is so wide; you can quickly pour the coffee bean into it only by removing the rubber cover onto it.

This rubber top helps to prevent the splitting of any seed from inside the hopper. It also has a set of standard graded ceramic conical burr in build into it, which ensures not to produce any heat while grinding abrasion takes place.


Additionally, a silicon base is incorporated with the machine, which supports to hold both the upper and lower parts of the device. This manual grind holder produces no disturbing noise while the grinding process is going on; that’s why it is easy for you to run the machine in your home by not disturbing your little kids. As this device is quite in nature, you can use it in any of your camping, hiking, by not disturbing the wild animal.


The building mechanism of this device is pretty simple; anybody can efficiently operate it and clean it. Furthermore, no battery or no power is required to run this machine, so at the end of the months, no extra bill you have to pay at all.

 khaw-fee hg1b

Features and details:

Infinite grinding size adjustment:

There is no limit of grinding size into the grinding setting of this grinder. You can enjoy many different coffee flavors without being tensed of “how I can make a perfect coffee ground using a manual grinder.”


Long durability:

Where other manual coffee grinders are manufactured by plastic and nylon, we produced this top-rated manual grinder with ceramic and stainless still materials. This product will give a long life service for several coming years.


Deliver the best coffee ground:

Roasted coffee does not reveal the soluble oils from the inside of the coffee bean. These soluble coffee oils are core coffee aroma, which is the most desired thing for the coffee lover. This manual coffee grinder works not to damage those essential coffee oils and fragrances present inside the roasted coffee bean; furthermore, this machine helps to deliver a fresh coffee ground with uniform consistency.


Run with no noise:

You can run this machine in any natural area; it will not hamper the wildlife. Since this machine is featured to produce no sound, you can even operate this machine into your home; it will don’t wake your sleeping baby.


Handy crank handle: 

The most manual crank handle has a general problem; their crank handle is not convenient to use. This manual hand grinder is featured to overcome these issues. The beautiful knob situated onto the handle, helps its user to smoothly turn over the handle, without feeling much pressure onto the hand. You can remove the handle if you want to store this device in a compact place.


Easy to clean:

As this machine doesn’t have any intricate pieces of machinery setting, you can easily clean the machine with your kitchen dishwasher. Only a bowl of soap water is much capable of washing the whole machine. Once you clean the machine, there will no unwanted odor of the cleaning agent will remain inside the device to impact your coffee aroma.


Lifetime guarantee and warranty. 

If you don’t like our product anymore, we are here to give you a money-back guaranty. We always stand behind our customers; we provide value to our customer choice. It may happen that after using this gazette, without any reason, you do not like it anymore. No problem if so happens, come to us, we will refund your money. 


  • The top-rated manual coffee grinder.
  • It has a glass jar as a collector chamber.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Infinitely adjustable.
  • Built with stainless steel materials.
  • Do not produce noise.
  • It has a removable silicone base.
  • The glass container is not user-friendly.

Final Words:

This is all about on-Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinder.  We expect that our article will help you to find and select the best manual coffee grinder easily.

So, grab one of these useful grinders and start to grind your coffee beans as early as possible; your coffee beans are waiting to grind through this grinder machine.

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.