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If you have decided to detach your sectionals then keep on reading this article on how to shorten a sectional couch to learn more.

Sectional sofas are a good way to enhance the beauty of your living room by giving it a more spacious look than ever before. We keep our sectionals in the same U or L-shaped configuration as many times as possible. It is a great choice, but if you don’t have the appropriate amount of space then it can be a nice alternative to divide the pieces of the sofa to obtain more seating arrangement and use the room more effectively.

Things to consider before separating a sectional couch

Different shapes of sectional sofas

Before we go on a discussion about how we can separate a sectional couch. It is important to know the different types of sectional couch. First of all, I would like to inform you that there are about thirty to forty different types of sectional sofas so it is not possible to talk about each of them here, but L-shaped, U-shaped, chaise and curved sectionals are few of the popular sectional couches. Now, before you decide to shorten your sectional couch, you must think that whether separating them will suit your room or not.

The shape of your sectional couch

It is important to consider the shape of the sectionals you have at your house. For example, if you have chaise sectionals then you can easily separate them and it would suit your room if you have little space. On the other hand, if you have a large room with a U-shaped sectional then separating will not be a fruitful decision.

how to shorten a sofa

Different sectional parts that you must know how to shorten a sofa

Single-armed chair

This part comprises of one arm and goes to another end of a sectional. These pieces also come with two choices, with the arm either on the chair’s right or left side to give you choice on where you would like to keep it.

Side chair

This part is used to build a right-angle in your sectional configuration.

Armless chair

This part can be used to position it in the middle of the sectional as a single seat.

Armless loveseat

This is another armless part which fits in a sectional between two other parts. You may easily put the armless loveseat between a one-armed chair and the side chair to make a different layout.

One-armed love seat

This piece has an arm on only one end, but it is of a loveseat’s length.

One-armed chaise

Several sectional setups provide a chaise lounge alternative for one end of the sofa with one arm on one side only. This arm could come on either the left or the right side to give you versatility in placing your couch just the way you need.


It is another important factor that you need to consider before you decide on shortening your sectionals. You must have a small room with various pieces of other furniture placed here and there. Therefore, before you start working on shortening your sectional couch, have a proper look at its measurement and then think which layout will suit your room the most.

Sectionals come in several different configurations and types. The thing which makes the most ideal one is the variety of individual components that can make up a sectional. Most of the sectional sofas come with different component choices, so you can create a sofa that fits with all these factors.

Steps on how to shorten your sectional couch

Remove the cushions

The first step is to remove the cushion from your sofa and keep the cushions as far as possible so that you do not trip. Also, removing the cushions is necessary as it makes the handles of the sofa more visible. As the handles become easier to see, lifting and shifting it becomes easier in the process.

A Sectional Couch

Find the corner chair

The sectional couches have corner side at one end or both ends so, the second step is to find out the corner chair in order to remove the corner chairs first. As the corner chairs are removed, it becomes easier to remove the other sections too.

Get the lip of the corner chair

Now, take the corner chair with the help of plastic clip or handle and raise your sofa straight up. There is a dedicated spot that several sectional sofas have in each of them.

  •  When you find the plastic clip in the right angle corner then slip your fingers under it and raise it up to separate it easily from other sections. Just in case, there is no handle on your couch then find a reliable spot to hold it tight and raise it up.
  • Some couches have latches that click together and few of them have unclipped hooks. It depends on your couch that what type of connectors it has. It is important to note that pulling without detaching the sofa can damage it partially so, make sure that you have unclipped the hooks properly and then try to push the sections to separate it.

Grab the handle and lift straight up

The fourth step is to get the handle firmly in your hand and lift up the section straight to detach each of the sections.

  • Now you need to test that other sections have still detached or not. Most of the sectionals have at least 3 parts-one is the right-angled one and two other attachments. Also, there are bigger sofas which comprise of more sections. So, in that case, you need to test whether there is a gap that can be separated or not. If they have then lift those sections and remove them one by one.

Repeat the process

It depends on how many sections you have, if you are the owner of a big sectional couch and want to shorten your sectionals then repeat the process given above as long as you do not get your desired size.

How To Shorten A Sectional Couch

Rearrange the way you want

This is the last part of the process where you need to decide whether you would like to attach some sections together or leave some sections separate or you would like to keep all the sections detached or not. If you plan on keeping all the separate sections then just place each of the sections in your living room

Attaching some sections

If you want to keep a few sections together then there are some further steps to follow. You may use the longest part as a couch and other smaller parts as love seats, corner chairs, or single armless chairs.

Identify and attach the connecting parts

If you plan to customize the layout on your sofa set then you man have to connect few sections. So, in that case, the first step is to find out the connectors of each of the sections. At the side of the couch, you can see there are connector pins after you separate the pieces totally. At one end there is a hook and on the other side, there is a socket. The hook needs to slide into the socket.

  • The snap connectors are assembled under the couch. On one hand, there is a fork and on the other, there is a lock. You may only see the fork as it will stick out from the sofa. The fork needs to be wrapped around the other side of the attached pin.

Attaching the hook

You need to push the connector pins by raising the hook into the socket. The hook needs to slide down from the top into the socket for sliding connector pins. Test which side the hook is located and on which side the socket is placed. Then raise the portion of the hook and drop it down slowly into the socket.

  • For snap connectors, you will need to slide the fork into the pin. You need to find the segment about the fork first. Then put the two parts of the couch side by side

Lining up the back

The following step is to move the section fork into the segment for the pin before you hear a pop sound. The sound indicates the linking sections are set accurately.

Final adjustments

if you are confident that the parts were lined up properly but the fork has not met yet then the fork and pin have not been mounted in alignment. In that case, look under the sofa using a torch or a flashlight to locate the pin and try to visually link the parts. After that, your shortened version of your sectionals is ready to flaunt in your living room. So, the final step is to place the sections in different positions and replace the cushions.

Final Words

Hopefully, the article on how to shorten a sectional couch was useful enough. I believe that you must have learned about all the necessary steps and tips about detaching sectionals by this time. So, it does not matter whether you have a big house or small house, just grab any of the sectionals you want and make your living look beautiful and elegant forever. By shortening your sectionals, customize your home in your style.

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.