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Sectional sofas are big and easily adjustable with ample seating arrangements to accommodate the entire family. They consist of interlocking sofa pieces so that it can be assembled in several different shapes and sizes to suit your living room perfectly.

When buying a sectional sofa for your living room, the most vital thing to consider is the size and shape of your sofa space. Although a sectional sofa is a fantastic way to maximize the seating, we should also notice that the sectionals do not conflict with the rest of your furniture.

Therefore, to ensure the beauty of your living room we have come with few tips and steps on how to reverse a sectional sofa so that you can enjoy the true benefit of buying sectionals. So, keep on reading it to know the steps!

how to reverse a sectional sofa

Few Steps on How to Reverse a Sectional Sofa

Here are a few steps and additional information which you need to know while changing your sectional sofa. So, read it to learn more.

Sectional sofas are attached with the help of hooks and latches. They are built in a way that can be separated from themselves for easy movement and rearrangement. Detaching the pieces involves locating the latches which hold the sofa together and removing the section of the couch from the entire attachment. If you wish then you can also shift and rearrange the sofa. So, let us see how!

  • The first step is to remove the cushions from your couch. As these cushions might get in the way while the sections are being separated and moved.
  • These cushions can also cover the handles of your sofa that divide the bits you need to select. Therefore, begin with removing the cushions so that all the handles are accessible.
  • Keep all the cushions in a safe location while your sofa is being removed as someone very close to it might trip on these cushions. Also, it is important to keep track of every section to which cushions belong to.
  • Some sofas have non-removable cushions attached so in that case, simply start working from the corner where disconnecting the pieces will be easier for you.
  • In this case, you might need to push the cushions aside as much as you can to see the handles.
  • The second step is to find the corner of the square where the pieces of the sofa connect. Sectional couches typically meet on a section of a squared corner as a focal point.
  • Both parts of this square bind together so, if you remove this corner then the rest of the couch will come apart.
  • The third step is to grab the corner part of the sofa using the handle or the lip and then lift it straight up.
  • Many sectional sofas are designed to be lifted from a specified location. If the square corner around its edge has a plastic lip then slide your fingers under it.
  • Then lift that piece straight up to detach from other sections.
  • In case you don’t have any handle on your sofa, then just find a safe spot to raise it. Different sofas employ various methods of contact.
  • Some have latches that slip together, whilst others have unclipped hooks. In most cases, the procedure for disconnecting the pieces is lifting straight up.
  • Before you try to move it, just make sure that the corner disconnects from both sections. As it could the sofa by pulling on a sectional that is still attached.
  • The fourth step is to check that other parts are disconnected too. Most sectional sofas have three bits only- the angle one and two other attachments.
  • Yet the seating parts often break into several pieces on certain larger sofas. In that case, test some parts if any holes need to be separated.
  • When they do, lift straight up those sections to completely remove them, and if you are not sure that whether your sofa can be split into more bits or not then visit the website of your sofa’s brand and search for the model you have bought.
  • After the sections have been separated, the next step is to rearrange your sectional sofa.
  • Now, decide whether you want to reassemble the pieces or leave them separate. For example, if you have an L-shaped sofa and the right-facing sectional does not suit your room so in that case you can follow the steps written above and attach the right-facing sectional to the left-facing sectional and vice versa.
  • Your choice depends on what kind of interior you want in your living room. If you have the room for a fully-connected sofa then reassemble the sections of your couch completely.
  • Just in case you want to spread more of your space then consider leaving the separate parts at separate locations of your room.
  • Sitting in the corner can be difficult at times which is why some people often like to keep the parts apart.
  • If you keep the parts separated then you can use the longest part of your sofa as a couch. Also, you will be able to keep the smaller sections in the most suitable location to increase your space and better layout of your room.
  • After deciding the seating arrangement, if you still want to keep the sections together, then the next step is to locate the connectors in the sections of your sofa.
  • There are two principal ways to connect the sectional sofas.
  • Although the detaching method is the same in most cases, the linking method might not be as usual.
  • So, find the connectors on your sofa so that you can decide on how to mount them.
  • At the side of the sofa, there are sliding connector pins and you can see them easily when the sections are detached completely.
  • A hook on one side slides into the other side of the socket. Underneath the sofa, there are snap connectors installed. One side has a fork and the other side has a pin.
  • Only the fork is noticeable as it simply pokes out from under the couch. The fork shoots around the connected pin which is on the other side.
  • The further step is to raise the hook into the hole for sliding the connector pins. The hook has to slide from above into the socket.
  • Now, examine which side the hook is on and which one has the socket. Then lift and gentle push the hook section into the socket.
  • The portion with hook is usually the corner piece of your sofa for making the lifting experience easier.
  • To do this job, one person is usually enough, but it is advisable to take someone’s help if you have a problem lifting the sections alone.
  • For snap connectors, slide the fork into the pin. The pin has to drop down into the fork section.
  • The next step is to find the segment about the fork and then put the two parts of the couch side by side, and line up the backside as well.
  • Now, move the section fork into the segment for the pin before you hear a click. It indicates that the connecting pieces have been attached smoothly.
  • When you press and don’t hear a click sound then it means that the pin was missed by the fork. In that case, take the fork section back out and check again to make sure that the back sections are positioned perfectly, but the fork still does not attach then possibly, the fork and pin were not mounted in line with each other.
  • In that case, use a flashlight to find the circle under the couch and try to visually connect the pieces.
  • The backs need to be lined up properly because the pin is not clear, and lining up the back is the only way to ensure that the parts match with each other.
  • After connecting all sections of the sofa, immediately keep all the cushions right in place. Some sofas have a particular cushion that goes perfectly into the corner of the square.
  • This rearrangement could bring some unique shape and design compared to the other cushions.
  • Lastly, place the cushion on the corner segment if you have one cushion which is different from the others. Now, you can simply make the most out of your sectional sofa. So, relax and enjoy it!

Final Words                                                                                                      

You must have known enough details about how to reverse a sectional sofa through this article. Sectional sofas have gained popularity because it is smaller than traditional sofa sets and also customizable according to our need. We understand the need of saving up your space and placing the right furniture in the right place. Therefore, keep on changing your sectionals just the way you want!

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.