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Making taffy at home is a very funny activity. Usually, people like to make taffy at home on a rainy day or snow day. We are big taffy lovers though we don’t make it regularly at home.

US people also like to make taffy at home during Christmas. Christmas celebration takes people together for a party, and they do make taffy at home for fun.

People attract Taffy for its beautiful color. Taffy is very popular to the child, and they have a very beloved relationship with taffy for its several colors.

Homemade taffy is best for eating, and its taste differs from the store. Homemade taffy is tastier and fresh than store taffy.

You can buy taffy from the store or make it at home, and the making process is very easy. You have to measure the exact ingredients to make it perfect. We have given detailed information regarding how to make taffy with coffee creamer

make taffy with coffee creamer

Directions on how to make taffy with coffee creamer?

The process of making taffy is super easy. Just manage the ingredients and follow the given steps below:

Necessary ingredients:

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 Tbsp cornstarch
  • 3 Tbsp. Half and half
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 cup corn syrup
  • 2 Tbsp butter
  • 1 Tsp sea salt


First, you have to take a large butter jelly roll pan. Mix the sugar and cornstarch together, then put them on the coffee creamer to whisk up them. Then add all the other ingredients with them and turn on the machine. You have to make sure that they have mixed very well.

You have to put heat until the sugar dissolves with the ingredients. Cover the lid of the coffee creamer and put them on for three minutes with medium and high heat. The whole mixture will turn into foam, and the foam will get high when it prepares. You have to carefully look after it so the foam doesn’t come very high in the creamer.

Then remove the lid of the coffee creamer, and you can use a candy thermometer inside to measure the actual temperature of the coffee. Then move out the thermometer and clean the side of the coffee creamer where the wet ingredients are attached. If you have an idea about temperature, you don’t need to use the thermometer.

Step: 2

You have to care about the temperature so that the boiling ingredients are not going to upper and lower the temperature. Try to maintain the temperature between 242 degrees to 246 degrees. This moment is very important because if you cannot complete this process exactly, you will not get the exact strong taffy candy.

how to make taffy with coffee creamer

Step: 3

Through skimming, you can test the taffy. Skimming is another formula if you don’t have a thermometer. Take a bit of taffy and a piece of parchment paper to put the taffy on the paper. You have to wait for 30 seconds and then peel it off.

Note: If you boil the toffee syrup for too long, it will become a lollipop, not a taffy. Pull and twist the mixer for five minutes so that it becomes like rubber. After pulling and twisting, you will see that it will become stiffened with very pliable.

If it becomes very brittle and breaks, you must understand that the ingredients have overboiled. So if you want to make sure that you have made a perfect one, please use a thermometer to avoid any circumstances.  

Step: 4

When the candy reaches the exact temperature, then remove the. If you want to get various colors, take the staff into the different pans and add taffy syrup according to the color. Then stir all of the ingredients in the pan with the color, and you will get the desired color.

Pour all the pans and cool them until you can put your hand on them. Then pull the soft taffy; it will be shiny and light in color. The role of the taffy for a long time and make rope with them. If you want different rope colors, you can add two or three taffy at a time, and you will get amazing taffy.

After that, you must make thin twisted ropes and make the roles according to taffy pops. Usually, children are very much curious about making these types of items. Younger children can easily make the twisting taffy if they want; you can cut it into small pieces. 

Note: Use the only premium color paste and sweet flavoring. Oil flavorings could ruin the Taffy texture. If you wanted to experiment with replacing corn syrup in the taffy, you could add sugar dissolved in hot water, honey, or molasses. However, look about equal replacements for the corn syrup in taffy since we didn’t try to substitute sugar.

how to make homemade taffy with coffee creamer


Taffy with a coffee creamer is a very easy process. The color of the taffy and variants are beautiful creation which is very likely to the children. Usually, children enjoy this item very much.

We have provided the exact information on how to make taffy with coffee creamer. You must manage all the necessary ingredients and maintain the process step by step.

You can make the taffy within a very short time. Following those steps, you can make taffy at home for any occasion. It will help you to joy the mind of the child.

We all know homemade things are always great at looking and tasting good and healthier than the shop’s food. So don’t worry about the making process. We failed several times to make the exact flavor. After trying a few times, we performed well in making the taffy.

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.