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Today, there are very few people who don’t love coffee. Any chat-chit with friends or family cannot go perfect without a cup of hot smoked coffee. It is not possible to drink coffee in any coffee shop always. Homemade coffee is the only solution at that time. But the problem is that very often; homemade coffee does not taste the same as the coffee found in the coffee shop. The homemade coffee does not taste yummy!

So, we have a lot of complaints against our homemade coffee!

Many of us think that good coffee cannot make without the help of an experienced barista. Is it true? Not; hence it is wrong thinking. Even at home, without taking any help from a skilled barista, you can make better coffee than any restaurant. You are wondering how to make good coffee at home?

Let’s go for some tips which will help you to enjoy a restaurant flavors coffee at your home.

how to make good coffee

6 tips to make good coffee at home:

Use coffee bean:

There is a proverb about coffee; a good cup of coffee always starts with a good spoon of coffee bean. Some good Coffee beans from any reputed supplier are the main things you have to collect at first if you want to start a pleasant journey with your coffee. After roasted the coffee bean, it can reveal its fresh taste only up to three weeks. So buy coffee beans after watching the roasting date printed onto the packet’s level.

Here one more thing I want to add, good quality coffee packets often have a degassing valve that does not allow oxygen to enter the coffee packet. Coffees tend to leave carbon dioxide for a few days after roasting. The degassing valve pulls out this carbon dioxide packet. And if you do not have a digging valve in the coffee packet you buy, then coffee beans should be left open for a few days. As a result of the essential acid stored onto the seeds, it will remove away upon contact with the open air, and the fresh smell of those coffee will comes out again.

Use Coffee Grinder:

We use powdered coffee for the excuse of saving money or having no time. But think of it, it doesn’t cost a little high to go to the market and to eat a cup of coffee made by a barista? However, if you want to make good coffee on your own, either by a hand coffee grinder or an electric coffee grinder, and brought it to your at home. The most significant advantage of a coffee grinder is that whenever you go to make coffee – you can grind the whole bean coffee instantly and freshly as your choice.

Do not grind coffee too coarse or too light. The too coarse coffee ground will do not mix properly with the water/milk. To light coffee ground will make a bitter taste.

And obviously, maintain proper cleaning of your coffee grinder. And if you are regularly using it, calibrate it properly.

Coffee beans should be stored properly:

Air, light, and heat are the three main enemies of coffee beans. So be careful about storing the coffee beans. Airtight glass or tin cans will keep the seeds secured from the outer air and humidity. If possible, wrap an extra plastic or silver foil onto the container opening then tightly close the closure. When buying from the bean from the grocery, try not to purchase coffee packets stored in plastic packets. Paper packets are more secured instead of synthetic paper.

Coffee beans in the fridge! Please don’t do it’s ever! Some grocery or food items can easily absorb the smell of other items. Coffee is such a thing, can absorb smell sausage when it is on the side of the sausage. And if the onion is next, it can absorb the onion as well! No matter how well packed, the coffee loses its fresh flavor. It would be better not to keep refrigerated in your own house or even buy refrigerated coffee seeds from the supermarket.

how to make good coffee at home

The 1: 10 ratio should be adjusted:

If possible, adjust the coffee and water ratio at first and then start to make the coffee. Mix ten ml of water with one gram of coffee. If the ratio of coffee to water is high, then the coffee will not taste yummy.

Maintain a perfect temperature:

Coffee brewing temperature is another critical parameter that is deeply involved in maintaining the taste of the coffee.

Maintain a temperature between 195 -205 degrees Fahrenheit to brew the coffee.

Today’s upgraded coffee machine may contain a manual temperature adjusting system, by which you can maintain your desired temperature accurately. For the cheaper or old coffee maker, probably, you will not get this adjusting system. In that case, run the coffee maker with an empty hopper. And measure the temperature with a thermometer.

Never add coffee if the temperature is below 195 ℉. Again increasing the temperature above 205 ℉ will make the coffee bitter.

Add some spices:

You can make an exceptional coffee at your home by adding some spices to it. Cinnamon powder, Nutmeg powder, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, some other Spices can also use in the coffee as a toper decoration or as mixing ingredients too. Adding spices will enhance your coffee elegance just in a couple of seconds!

Final verdict:

According to the International Coffee Organization, the number of coffee drinkers is increasing every year worldwide. And it does about ten percent per year. Making good cups of coffee is not only a complicated process; it is also an art, a matter of passion. Finally, you don’t have to run out of coffee shops to drink a good quality cup of coffee, if you follow the above things, sincerely.

So, thinking of how to make good coffee at home, please do not spoil your valuable time. Follow the tips described above, and make a delicious cup of coffee into your home.

Thank you.

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.