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It can be quite dangerous for kids and pets and frustrating for people who have sectional sofas at their houses. The reason behind this is the gap that is created between each sectional sofa when they are left unattached. It also gives a messy look to our living room.

Therefore use the parts of your sofa connect it into one device or you can install separately if your sofa does not have connectors. For example- you can install separate locking brackets on the underside of each portion or tie the legs of adjacent parts together with cables or special sectional sofa belts.

So, Now read this article on how to connect a sectional sofa together to learn more!

Best Methods of Connecting A Sectional Sofa

There are few methods of how to attach sectional pieces which you must know. So, let’s talk about how to connect sectional sofa together.


These steps work for specific hardware to connect or any hardware you choose to install.

  • Count the joints in the first place because you need a hardware bracket for each joint.
  • For example, if you have eight sections on your sofa then you would need seven bracket sets to link the individual sections together.
  • Then turn over the individual parts of the sofa to get access to their lower part.
  • To check the fit between the two pieces of the bracket, lift both sides of the equipment to the hardwood frame underneath the couch.
  • After that insert a pencil or chalk into any hole in the bolt to mark the position of the bolt on the frame.
  • Creating a starting hole at each of the designated locations with the drill bit connected to the power drill or driver to prevent breaking or damaging the wood when the brackets are locked in.
  • Now insert a screw through the hole in the bracket and tighten it with a power drill and screw bit or a manual screwdriver to attach the hardware to the frame.
  • For the type of hardware you purchase, connect the two sides of the starting points together.
  • Some use a basic lock mechanism, while others have teeth fitting fork bracket on the other piece of furniture that works better for turning the sofa pieces.


  • If you wish to buy gate hooks instead of buying sofa connectors then visit a local hardware store and grab hooks for connecting your sectional sofa.
  • Don’t forget to pick hooks that slip on them with a spring and a lock to prevent them from unhooking.
  • Then place them at the bottom of the sofa either in the front, back, or in the middle part to prevent different pieces from falling apart.
  • Then follow the steps given above in order to work with hooks.

a Sectional Sofa


    Brackets with Hand Keys

  • Leaving each one piece with a workable gap, arrange the pieces in order.
  • Stand by the first two pieces and move them together.
  • So that one side’s male side line up with the other side of the female’s side.
  • Lift the side of the male, move it over so that it rises above and come in line with the side of the female.
  • Then lower the section, and lock it up.
  • Now switch to the other opposite end of the settings and repeat the entire process of raising the male side, locking the female side, and lining the brackets.
  • When you move from one end to the other side, it decreases the overall weight which you need to lift.
  • Lifting becomes very difficult when you keep going down the sectional in order.

   Brackets at the Bottom

  • Place the sectional as you wish it to be positioned, leaving a one-foot gap between the first two parts of each piece.
  • Now bend down and move along the bottom and take each side of the brackets out.
  • One may look like a fork with two sides, and the other is a single piece of metal.
  • It may not swing out and might be locked, leading from below the sectional.
  • Set the first two sections in order for the brackets to align.
  • Starting with the fixed-prong bracket, press the section towards the wheel-style bracket.
  • Then lift slightly if it is indicated by the manufacturer of the sectional sofa.
  • Drag the tiers into place until a click sound is heard.
  • Slow down when two parts collide with one another.
  • Several models just click once, others click twice or thrice before they are protected.
  • Now, continue this procedure, making your way down the configuration until all of the sectional equipment has been linked.

  Shoe Connections

  • Arrange the supports for shoe attachment in your ideal sectional layout, bottom the edges tightly against each other.
  • This sort of hardware is specifically built so that one piece which connects two or more sections.
  • You can have one L-shaped piece and one short piece, two or more L-shaped platforms, or a set of straight platforms, depending on your configuration.
  • The shoes can run in two long planks across the front and back of the sectional, or sit under the sofa as a single platform.
  • Taking help from someone, raise the first portion of the sectional and position it, one top of the platform or planks.
  • Line the foot of the section with the connector holes.
  • Repeat this procedure for each section until the whole sectional is attached.
  • This approach is popular with a modular formula where you will need to insert armrests or the rear cushion in the platform.
  • Some sectionals use equipment that links each piece together at two or more points using bolt-style or T-slot.
  • Follow the steps to attach the parts that came with your sectional sofa.
  • Beginning from one end of the arrangement and making your way around.

   Cable Ties

  • Cable ties can be tied to the sofa’s front and back feet to prevent the pieces from being separated.
  • If you have dark-colored furniture then pick black cable ties so they are not as visible.
  • Place the cable tie across two legs of each segment of the adjacent section and switch the connection portion of the chain to the back of the leg to cover it.
  • Chop the tail off after the cable tie is tightened in place.
  • If you need to push the sofa somewhere, then simply cut a pair of scissors or a knife into the cable ties and re-install new ties as needed.

How to Connect a Sectional Sofa


How to Connect A Sofa When Parts Are Missing

In case if you do not have the attachments to keep the pieces together. Also, the couch is out of business there are certain things which you can do.

  • When existing attachment plates appear to be threaded on one side but have T-slots on the matching side.
  • Then you might be able to connect the plates using standard carriage bolts.
  • The theory would be to turn each bolt in one end, and then slip the heads of the bolt into the slots on the matching panels, or where both sides have threaded or woven edges.
  • You may be able to use something called the dual-threaded stud which is threaded at the ends in opposite directions.
  • It enables you to twist the bolt together to draw the two parts.
  • If this is not found in your local grocery store, you might be able to use it called the standardized metal furniture connector.
  • If it does not work reusing the original attachments, you should be able to find new equipment that does the function.
  • A tool called sectional couch connector sofa screws to the bottom of the parts.
  • Couch lock is even easier to mount, as it requires slipping a band around the legs of adjacent pieces.
  • If the bands on your couch are not the best fit for the legs, you might be able to compose something specific on your own until you get the simple concept from the Couch Clamp website.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article on how to connect a sectional sofa was discussed enough to give a short yet detailed version of the entire process. Sofa connection methods are different from manufacture to manufacture. These sectional sofas come with various additional pieces which fall perfectly next to each other to form the configuration you want.

A few of them come with pre-installed equipment to avoid isolation of the separate pieces that someone allows you to sit on the sofa while others allow you to add the hardware yourself.  So, without any getting scared anymore, it is time to get started with your sectional sofa!


As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.