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Coffee grinder is very loving to you just because its saves your time to grind coffee and gives you a flavor of perfection of your coffee. So cleaning a coffee grinder is so important as your body. If you want to sustain a long time with your coffee grinder you must have to clean your coffee grinder within a time period. As we used to clean our body regular to put it sound and healthy so it’s similar to a machine about its proper maintenance. I will show you how to clean Cuisinart 12-cup coffee maker single-serve brewer.

I owned several Cuisinart coffee grinder and I know very better about the sustainable use of these coffee makers. Truly believe me that this is not a difficult job to clean a coffee grinder, you just have to follow the tips and tricks which I am going to tell you and within a short time you will learn how to clean this grinder machine.

Variation Of Grinder:

In this time technology is booming in the world so there are various types of grinders around you. Maximum of these have two type of system, one is Blade Grinders and another one is Burr Grinder mechanism. 

Blade mechanism grinder has blades which is trim with blade like the fan what we use in our room. This grinder actually works with the blades to make transformation of the coffee. By rotating of blades it helps to make powder of the coffee.

Burr grinder is so précised and it looks like conical. It helps to grind the coffee slowly and helps to transform the ingredients into very small pieces.

how to clean cuisinart conical burr coffee grinder

Why Do You Need to Clean a Cuisinart Coffee grinder?

Product sustainability fully depends on the product usage and the product quality obviously. There is no claim about this Grinder and all of the grinders are Electric Coffee Grinder. 

So, when you are grinding beans with the grinder it produces oils from coffee that the machine cannot extract which remain in the body of the grinder machine. This oil spreads in the machine so when you are grinding coffee for the next time it smells and the taste comes different than the real. So don’t be tensed with how to clean Cuisinart coffee maker with grinder.

So a bad smell from the coffee is not acceptable from a coffee lover and it reduces the energy to take a cup of coffee for the next time. Coffee consumers loose the feeling of coffee.

How you could notify that it’s the high time to clean the Coffee Grinder?

I have done a simple research with the cleaning process of the grinder. At first i have listened about the opinion of another people and they said that they used to clean the grinder machine for once in a month and they do it only once for a month with full mechanism.

But I have found that it should be cleaned according to the usage rate of your grinder machine. You have to clean the cup after every single use of the machine. Then you have to take a full body cleaning step for once within several months and there is no problem with that. After every usage the coffee beans stuck into the inside of blade or in the cup so you have to clean it after every use not the whole grinder obviously.

How To Clean Your Cuisinart Coffee Grinder?

There is two types of grinder called manual and automatic. Nowadays most of the peoples are using the automatic grinder.  But both of them have the same cleaning method so, no matter what is yours. You can follow the method which we are going to give below.

Cuisinart Blade Grinder cleaning process:

There is a few of steps that you have to follow to clean the grinder very well.

Step 1: Using uncooked rice

  • First you have to take 1/4 cup of rice then you have to pour it to the grinder.
  • You have to make sure that the rice is dry and uncooked.
  • You must have to measure the rice according to your grinding size capability. If you confused about the measurement just cover the blade of the grinder.
  • Also make sure that you  didn’t put any water with the rice or individually.
  • Try to wipe up the whole machine for once in a month.

Step-2: Run the Grinder

  • Plugged in the Grinder with electricity line.
  • Run the Grinder for one minute or couple of minutes.
  • Run the blade until the rice doesn’t formed into flour.
  • The flour of rice will soak up the oils automatically.

Step-3: Rice flour dump out

  • Turn off the grinder first and unplugged it.
  • Take it off the whole flour from the base point of grinder.
  • Don’t use the rice regularly because it will make taint with the flour of coffee bean.

Step-4: Damp Cloth use  

  • To wipe the machine you have to use damp cloth.
  • Take warm water and put the damp towel or dry cloth into the water and wipe the grinding machine outside very carefully.
  • Towel cannot clean all the particles so don’t worry about it there will be few moistures into the grinding machine.
  • Wet the whole cloth to wipe up rest of the flour which is around the blade.
  • Don’t do it forcedly because this middle point is very sensitive so take your time and do it slowly.

Step-5: Dry the Grinder

  • Air dry is mostly preferable for the drying process obviously but you can use another drying option also within very low temperature.
  • Do not use this grinder after cleaning it at once.
cuisinart coffee grinder cleaning

Cuisinart Burr Coffee Grinder cleaning process:

 Step-1:Using Vacuum

  • Start the vacuum and put it into the grinder so that it can clean it properly. You have to push the wand inside the hopper.
  • You have to unplugged the grinder and set the vacuum upon it.
  • Turnover the whole side of the grinder and the burr to clean the each and every corner.
  • Use the narrow last part of the vacuum that helps to clean each and every part of the grinder machine with outer burr. It will help to clean the coffee dust very fast.
  • Vacuum use the compressed air to remove the coffee dust and coffee particles.
  • If you don’t have any vacuum you have to leftover at the ground your coffee maker which will helps to get out the extra coffee oils and the dump.
  • Don’t forget about to save your eyes from the blow of the coffee bean.

Step-2: Remove the Hopper

  • First you have to see that your grinder is removable or not which is called bean hopper. If it is removable then you have to remove the hopper from the point and wash it with the boiled water and the soap.
  • If your grinder is not removable in this way you have to use tools to remove it from the point and wash it out.
  • Then run the grinder for few a minutes it will helps to remove the coffee grounds from the machine.
  • Then you have to dry the hopper with sunlight but if you don’t have enough time to do it so you can use damp paper towel.

Step-3: Clean Burr 

Here is two ways to clean the Burr:

  • First you can clean the Burr with a stiff Brush. You have to push the brush under the Burr and then you have to clean its every inner of the body.
  • If you have the removing Burr then you have to follow the rules of using book to apart it from the machine then you have to clean it with warm water or smooth brush.
  • So in this situation you have to be very careful when you are cleaning.

Step-4: Scrub the Burr

  • You have to scrub the Burr with the Brush very carefully or the warm water with soap.
  • Make sure that your brush has reached the maximum level of the Burr and get out all the cracks and crevices.
  • Don’t use metal brush because metal brush can damage the burrs.

Step-5: Second time scrub and Dump

  • You have to do it for a few times for cleaning the grinder with perfection.
  • Do the work with efficiency which give you the best result.

Step-6: Rag dry

  • Use a dry smooth cloth and wipe the whole coffee grinder body for a few times where the coffee beans go.
  • Try to clean the burr very carefully.
  • Don’t use damp rag when you are cleaning your grinder.
How To Clean A Cuisinart Coffee Grinder

How to Clean Cuisinart Coffee Maker Part:

There are different types of coffee maker and each has different system. Sometimes it’s looks difficult to understand how to clean it. So below I am providing the path which will help you to do your work with comfort so don’t worry about it.


Firstly you have to unplug the grinder though the grinder have auto shut down system. You have to do it for the better safety of your own. This is electric coffee grinder machine so if there is any problem it causes a great value.


So here first you have to detach the grinder part from the case. When you take out the grinder from basket then you have to remove the filter basket.

When you have take out the filter basket then you have to take out the basket holder. Grip the reservoir lid and pull it down upon you it will uncover slowly.

Step-3: Wash everything

When you are going to wash you machine is apart from electricity so there is no fear to do the work so do it very easily.

Washing process:

  • You have to use warm dishwater to fill the sink.
  • Put all of your parts which you got from the machine then use soft brush or cloth to clean it properly.
  • By using soft brush you have to clean the narrow corner because maximum dust is accumulated there.

Then you have to take warm water and put the parts on there then again you have to clean it for second time. But after this if you get any smell from the grinder parts make sure you will get a bad coffee flavor.

Step-4: Wipe to Clean

  • Once when your work is done with third step then you have to use damp towel or smooth cloth to wipe them to dry. Otherwise you can use the sunlight to drying the parts. 
  • Otherwise you can put the parts on rake it will drain the whole water accordingly and this is the best process.

How to Clean Cuisinart Coffee Maker Without Clean Button (Alternative)?

  • You can clean your Burr coffee grinder and blade coffee grinder without apart and clean button. So for this section you have to purchase a a tablet which used to clean the grinder.
  • First purchase the tablets and put it on the grinder machine then turn it on for couple of minutes and turned it off. The tablet will turn into powder and go through towards to the coffee elements which are stuck into the various corner of the coffee machine.
  • Finally you have to ground some of coffee bean and ground the grinder then your machine is all set for the cleaning process.

Not to No(Noted)

1. Don’t use water for the cleaning of your coffee maker.
2. Don’t use rice on your Burr grinder otherwise it will damage your grinder very fast.
3. Use soft brush or smooth damp cloth when you are wiping the body of the grinder.

Final Words

We have done a briefly discussion about how to clean a cuisinart coffee grinder. There we have mentioned about the process step by step how to clean Cuisinart on-demand coffee maker.

The process sounds little bit problematic but believe me if you go for the work you will find it very easy as i have mentioned step by step. Just follow the rules which I have given there and obviously avoid these things which are noted as not to do.

If you need a sustainable use of your coffee maker you must have to follow the rules strongly.

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.