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Nowadays coffee maker has become necessary equipment everyone should have for an exquisite, modern life. Hasn’t it? Bunn coffee maker is a reputed brand that comes with such equipment.

Bunn is well-designed, handy and consistent. But the cleaning part of Bunn coffee maker is seemingly tricky. To tell the truth, it can be simple if you follow the best techniques. Delicate cleaning can ensure longevity and endurance. But the major question is how to clean a bunn coffee maker properly?

You may be concerned about the complicacies. But believe me, if you follow the instructions and steps it can be easier than anything else. This involves nothing but some specific processing and cleaning methods.

So in this guideline, we shall evaluate intricate and minor details of each method to unveil their respective values in cleaning. But before we do the cleaning, let’s first probe into its history first.

Types of Bunn Coffee Makers

There are several kinds of bunn coffee maker available in the market. And they can be categorized mainly into three types. The first one is a speed brewed coffee maker. The specialty of this maker is that it is super duper fast.

Within three or four minutes you can make 10 cups of coffee. Thanks to bunn’s exquisite technology that allows such speedy brewing. It is one of the fastest coffee makers in the market without an iota of doubt.

The second one is known as Heat N Brew. This machine is the most accurate in brewing at the optimum temperature. And the control panel it has is quite compatible to use in any office.

The last but not the least one is single-serve coffee maker. It is efficient in making a single cup of coffee. It has technology to prevent any unwanted overflowing. Moreover, you can make tea with it easily.

how to clean a commercial bunn coffee maker

Tools Needed to Clean Bunn Coffee Maker

There are a lot of things which you can use to clean a bunn coffee maker. Therefore, the article is going to include all those things one by one. You should carefully consider which cleaner you want to perform the job with. The list is as follows:

Clothes: Soft cloth is required to make the outer surface dust free and tidy. It is also necessary for cleaning with dish soap. Soft clothes can ensure scratch free cleaning and that’s why it’s needed.

Vinegar: You may be wondering in how many places vinegar is a gem, apart from kitchen stuff. I wondered too while researching with vinegar. In every cleaning process, save for some exceptions, you can use this magical potion.

Though, an acid by nature, vinegar helps kill the germs, removing the stains and unwanted minerals. Therefore it’s a must needed stuff that you should have before starting the cleaning process.

Baking soda: Baking soda can be used as a good cleaning agent. It’s harmless, safe to use and easily found. Many people like it as an alternative for vinegar.

Distilled water: Distilled water is needed when you use white vinegar at the procedure of descaling. The mixture of these both liquids is very much effective in removing stains.

Dishwasher: Dishwasher can be used for soaking anything leftover. And while brushing any stubborn stains or marks, you can use the dishwasher as well.

Soap: The soap you use for dishwashing can also be applied to coffee makers. It can remove stains from any kitchen stuff. Usually you have to use a soft cloth or soft fabric to rub on the dirty place after soaking the cloth into a soap liquid. Other mild liquids can also do the same job.

Spray head cleaning: You cannot reach and cover all the area to clean a coffee maker. Therefore you need some pressurized force to reach the unreachable spots. Spray head cleaning tools can be immensely helpful for such jobs.

Brush: Though it may not be a must-needed tool for this cleaning process, it should be kept for removing stubborn objects from the carafe and from the outside as well.

How to Clean Bunn Coffee Maker With Vinegar

Vinegar is the most common cleaning stuff for a bunn coffee maker. Vinegar’s magical power can remove any residue or stain without much toil. So let’s look into the refinement and cleaning process step by step.

Step 1: First of all, you need to start the brewing process. But please put a cup or jar under the tray to avoid any drips. About twenty percent of vinegar should be used here.

Step 2: Now, as stated above, repeat the process at least thrice to ensure utmost safety. It is very effective in cleaning.

Step 3: Now as you have finished brewing the intended vinegar, the pot should be soaked in the brewing vinegar for more than three hours.

Step 4: After you have successfully soaked the pot, do the brewing again with the distilled water. Then flush the vinegar out of the machine. Do it a number of times, so that the unexpected smell of vinegar is finished properly. If you don’t do so, residual vinegar can destroy the taste of the coffee.

Step 5: Now you need to wash the pot a few times to make sure it’s usable again. You should also scrub any leftover to get rid of stains and marks.

In this way you can deeply clean the machine with an effective outcome. Do it regularly to get the best coffee out of your maker.

How To Clean Bunn Coffee Maker With Baking Soda

Baking soda, like apple cider vinegar, is a good element for cleaning anything. It can fight against bacteria, and other sorts of impurities to make the machine fresh and sound. So we are going to explain how to clean a bunn coffee maker with baking soda and without vinegar? Let’s explore them into simple five steps.

Step 1: First get some baking soda and some water. Make a mixture with one-third baking soda and three-fourth distilled water.

Step 2: Now pour down the mixture into the reservoir for the water. Don’t switch on before putting the potion.

Step 3: Then put the coffee maker as it is for half an hour so that the soda can dissolve fully in every part.

Step 4: After the dissolve procedure is done, switch on. Let the mixture be brewed perfectly as you do it with a coffee.

Step 5: Now discard the mixture. Wash the full machine in a similar process a few times. Always use pure water here. In this way you can clean your coffee maker.

How To Clean Bunn Coffee Maker With Soap and Water

There are many people who don’t like using white vinegar or baking soda. For them, liquid dish soap as well as detergent is a pretty good choice. It’s effective and simple; therefore well-liked by many.

  • First, you need to put the dish soap inside the brew funnel. Also add crystal clear water into the tank. Then you should keep the liquid to soak into the thermal carafe for around twenty minutes.
  • Now use a scrubbing brush to make the carafe clear. The valve and the upper lid should be cleaned as well in the same rubbing manner. The outer parts should be washed with a sponge or damp cloth that needs to be soaked before.
  • After that you should discard the used water and use some extra clean water to wash away any residue. Rinse all the parts carefully and reassemble them one by one. Rinse until the smell goes away. Bingo! It’s thoroughly cleaned.

Additional Info: Do you know you can clean your bunn coffee maker with lemon juice or with lemon water? Lemon is also a good washing element. You just simply need to do the same process described above with lemon water instead of vinegar or baking soda.

Maintain a Bunn Coffee Maker:

Maintaining a bunn coffee maker is more important than cleaning it after months. Therefore it is always advisable to keep a good maintenance of such machines. Here comes the maintenance guidance.

  • To maintain a good condition of your machine, you need to keep it in a good place where dust and other messy stuff won’t pile up.
  • Then comes the everyday cleaning, a must required task. You can also keep the outside parts dust free by wiping it once a week. And a deep cleaning procedure should be remembered and maintained after two months of use.

If you maintain all these criteria, you can be optimistic to get the best performance from your coffee maker. Otherwise, you should expect such good results.

How To Empty A Bunn Coffee Maker

Emptying a coffee maker is not a hard job but it has some hard and fast rules. Read all the steps very carefully and follow it part by part unless you may fall into great danger.

Firstly, the most important step is to disconnect the electricity from the bunn coffee maker. It will protect you as well as your machine from serious damage.

Secondly, we need to lower the temperature of the hot water. So just pour the water tank with cold water through the craft by opening the lid. Thirdly, now you need to clean out the hot water from the Bunn maker.

Thirdly, detach the coffee pot and the cover. Be cautious of the water within the reservoir as it is quite hot as well as prepared for brewing. Finally, make the bunn coffee maker upside down. To execute this step you need to place the craft on the warning plate and seal the lid. It will automatically push out the hot water into the craft. Now replicate this method several times until the hot water is completely removed.

Finally, as the hot water is already removed from the reservoir, now we need to flash out the cold water. To execute this step, detach the spray head and brew funnel through rotating it anticlockwise. After that, go to the sink and position it to flow the water upside down. And hold it until all the cold water flashes out.

We have done the emptying part, now it’s time to put together all the parts. Avengers Assemble!

Just rotate the spray head clockwise and put the blue funnel. All’s done.

how to clean a bunn coffee maker with vinegar

Do’s and Don’ts When Cleaning Bunn Coffee Maker

There are some do’s and don’ts both before and after cleaning. Let’s have a brief glance at them.

5 Do’s

  • Make a good measure of the intended coffee to be exact. It helps to reduce the amount of wastage as well as the residual inside.
  • Try to clean your coffee maker every day after use; and a good deep clean after a certain period and of time.
  • After you cleaned the maker, let it dry first before you use it again. Otherwise a soaky maker can be your worst nightmare.
  • Turn off the line and machine before the process of cleaning begins. It makes you safe from any danger.
  • Read the user manual to unravel any tips or tricks for this cleaning process. It can be effective sometimes.

5 Don’ts

  • Don’t use any harmful cleaning stuff for this procedure. If you do, that means you’re not only harming the machine, you are harming yourself.
  • Don’t open any parts of your coffee maker that you don’t know about. It can end up in a fiasco.
  • Don’t use any soap with an acute scent. Instead, use a decent one.
  • Don’t start doing any stuff without probing into the bunn coffee maker instruction.
  • Don’t avoid cleaning without any valid crucial excuse. Be at work. Ultimately it’s your health that you should be concerned with.

FAQ About Cleaning Bunn Coffee Maker

How often should you clean a coffee maker?

Answer: It is obvious that you should clean the maker of the coffee after you use it. That necessarily means cleaning the basket for the brew, carafe and of course, brew.

However the descaling process, the deeper cleaning method, should be applied once in three month. It can help to remove the residual minerals and this is very important for keeping the maker in good condition.

Can a dirty coffee maker make you sick?

Answer: Coffee maker is a thing of daily necessity. Therefore it can be a good hub for bacteria and yeast. Thus, if you let the coffee maker remain unwashed and dirty, you can be sick.

It should also be known to you that hot water alone cannot prevent bacteria or yeast from growing. Therefore, you need some extra chunk of toil to clean it on a regular interval.

How often should you replace a coffee maker?

Answer: The lifespan of a coffee maker depends on a number of things. Usually if you take good care of your machine, it can last up to 10 years without much problem. But if you’re a heavy user, then you may need to get a new one after 5 or 6 years.

How much coffee to use in a bunn coffee maker?

Answer: It depends on how many cups of coffee you want to make. Usually, you need to use one to two full spoons of coffee for a standard one. Adding more coffee may give extra caffeine, which is not always recommended.

Background History of the Bunn Coffee Maker

Bunn coffee makers have been living with us for a very, very long time. Interestingly, initially the name Bunn came from grocery stores. Its history dates back to the 50s of the last century. So, it is providing more than seventy years of service. In this long time period they became the authority in manufacturing coffee brewers.

Their motto was to engineer a simple device which is capable of generating a first-class brew. It remains their motto even today as well. I must admit, they are very much successful at keeping their word. It has delivered some of the best coffee makers available in the market so far.

Benefits of Using The Bunn Coffee Maker

People only think that the taste of the coffee depends on the beans. However the truth is, the coffee maker has a great portion in making great coffee. I am giving the key advantages of using the bunn coffee maker.

Perfect for Both Commercial and Household Usages

Many of us don’t know that the barn coffee maker has a bunch of varieties. Some are designed to be placed in the household and some are in commercial stores. Domestic bunn coffee makers are usually small in size and eat less electricity. Moreover it is capable of brewing approximately 500 to 1500 ml of coffee in a single shot. Bani are famous for their design and so they made it super simple when you can make a shot without opening your eyes. No fluff!

In contrast, the commercial espresso machines are space city Kali made for use in shops, offices or other commercial places. As the serving proposes, the commercial machines are powerful as well as expensive. It has the ability to do a great number in a period. We can expect around 15 liters per hour. And yeah it holds a little recovery time so in other words you do not need to wait for a long time in the brewing coffee line.

Highly Optimized for Fast Brewing

Brewing is a must option if anyone wants to make their coffee delicious and tongue catching. Usually you have to spend a good chunk of time brewing the coffee for better taste.

But the bunn coffee maker has a distinct advantage in brewing the coffee within a short period of time. And the taste unbelievably remains the same.

So when you are in a hurry to attend your business or an important meeting, you can refresh yourself quickly with this coffee maker. The Bunn speed brew manual can be a great help to know about the quick coffee making process.

Ideal Temperature for Brewing

Another benefit of bunn coffee maker is that you get an ideal temperature for fast brewing. And this temperature is also available when a perfect coffee is prepared.

This maker can attain around 200° Fahrenheit which is ideal for a good coffee. And the temperature remains the same from beginning till the ending process. That means you get your coffee prepared within a short time, with efficient hotness.

Moreover, one might wonder whether the temperature is variable and subject to fluctuation or not. But the reality is the bunn coffee maker won’t vary in temperature and you shall get the same taste every time.

No Chance of Bitterness

In some coffee makers, there’s a chance of getting the coffee bitter due to uncontrolled heat. In a bunn coffee maker, however, there’s a little chance of such bitterness.

The optimizing time of bunn is quite low and the temperature is well controlled. So the coffee can be well-brewed and the taste is ensured with good flavor.

No Issue in Altitude Areas

Altitude areas can have different temperatures. Perhaps you know that in different temperatures normal coffee makers don’t give normal outcomes.

But the bunn coffee maker has a thermostat of a special kind that can adjust wherever you go. That’s an impressive benefit, is it?

Easy Usable

The bunn coffee maker itself seems complicated. But the maker is quite easy to use. Once you get a good knowledge of bunn coffee maker parts, you shall be able to clean and use it effectively without any prior knowledge.

How Does the Bunn Coffee Maker Work 

Bunn coffee maker is quite simple to operate and to deal with in comparison with other makers such as Keurig or Drip coffee maker.

First you need to pour some water into the machine. Then you need to switch on. After that all you can do is to wait for the water to become hot.

You can pour two to three pots of water to fill the whole tank. It can vary due to the model differences. If overloaded, some water will ooze into the basket. This overloading is not good for the coffee maker.

The water can be well-heated within twenty minutes. Now you can use one full tablespoon for brewing a standard tasty cup. If you want ten cups, add an equivalent amount of coffee.

The brewing process can take only 3 minutes to complete. If you want your coffee to be hot and stored for a few more hours, you can easily do that by keeping it in the thermal carafe.

Quick Tips: It is always advisable to pour the water into the tank first before you switch on the machine. If you do otherwise,It can end up in coil failure which means some extra expenses. 

How To Use Bunn Coffee Maker 

Brewing coffee gives us a lot of pleasure and the bunn coffee maker doubles its rate by making it more comfortable and convenient. Firstly, you need to set up the brewing machine. Here ensure that the brewing machine is disconnected with electricity. Secondly, put the carafe into the warmer and wait for a while. You need to put as much water needed for loading up the reservoir.

After that make sure to remove any footprints of water and connect the machine with electricity. It might take some time to power up. Thirdly, wait for another 15 minutes which allows the water to boil. Finally, take away the brew basket and place a coffee filter on it.

Advantages of Bunn Coffee Maker 

  • There is less chance of bitterness in Bunn, since you shall not face any heating issue.
  • They are easy to use and operate. So you can use it even if you are a layman.
  • In many coffee makers, you shall get some performance drop after longtime use. But bunn can hold the same quality even after years.
  • There are various makers that can fulfill multiple purposes. So this wide variety gives you the option to pick and choose according to your necessity

Disadvantages of Bunn Coffee Maker

  • If you want some extra features you must pay a little higher price. Bunn offers exceptional quality, therefore can be pricey.
  • Every electrical device is susceptible to some disturbance. If you don’t clean your coffee maker regularly, mineral deposits can lead to leakage.
how to clean a bunn coffee maker

Final Thoughts

Purifying the Bunn coffee maker is important to achieve stable coffee delivery. Regular wiping up and care should be your first and foremost duty. After reading this piece of content, I do not think you have any doubts on how to clean a Bunn coffee maker. But if you have, just hit me up in the comment section below.

However, all the above methods are very much effective but the ideal one for you really depends on you and your preferences. Some of us might think it is boring or hard work. But believe me when you are used to it, you will do it seamlessly.

Honestly, the coffee Bun maker will make you enjoy it like your private coffee bar, but it costs very little. I am quoting another Avenger dialogue which is perfectly fit for this situation, “A small price to pay for salvation.”

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.