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There is an Italian proverb about making good coffee. The saying is that- you need to maintain the quality of 4 M to obtain an excellent flavor of the coffee. So what are those M are?

1st M- Macchina – the coffee machine

2nd M- Miscela – the coffee blend

3rd M- La Mano- an experienced barista or his suggestion

4th M- Macinino – the coffee grinder

Exactly as this Italian proverb, you cannot make a perfect coffee without a beautiful combination of a coffee machine, the right coffee blend, an experienced barista, or his suggestion with an excellent coffee grinder.

So you may wonder what the function or advantage of using a coffee grinder while making the coffee is! A coffee grinder is nothing but a kitchen appliance or countertops, which will help you to grind the coffee bean at a predetermined size.

In today’s article, we will write in detail about how to adjust manual Coffee grinder.

So let’s start now-

Why you need a manual coffee grinder:

Many of us may ask a question, why should they use a manual coffee grinder? The first thing is that this machine can grind the coffee bean at a proper size to make French press to Espresso coffee. The size of a manual grinder is relatively tiny than the automated coffee grinder machine. You can hold the tool in one hand and can crank the bean by another hand very quickly. This grinder also helps you to carry it in your backpack while you are traveling as well.

This grinder is more durable than the automated grinder, besides this Using this machine will save a significant amount of utility bills at the end of the month.

how to adjust manual coffee grinder

Machine parts of a manual grinder:

Before you know the details of grinding size adjustment, see the grinder tools present in a manual grinder. It will help you to know the grinding adjustment process as well. A manual grinder is a simple machine comparative with any other machine present nowadays.

A hand grinder generally may consist of the following parts-

  • A tiny hopper: Keep the coffee beans for further processing.
  • A set of burrs: Grind the coffee beans.
  • A collection chamber at the bottom: Collect the coffee powder which falls from the burrs.
  • A handle: It works to crank the bean.
  • A single rod: Connect all the grinder parts.

Why you need to adjust your manual grinder:

If you are using a freshly roasted Coffee bean to prepare your drink, grinding size is a very prime concern for you. Mainly the flavor of the coffee depends on the consistency/thickness of the bean grind. Suppose you may need Coarse, Medium-Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra fine grind sizes coffee bean to make French press, Pour Over, Machine Drip, Espresso, Turkish coffees etc.

A manual coffee grinder indeed offers you to enjoy various grind sizes, but the fact is that it cannot give you all the grind sizes at a time in one setting only. You need to adjust the grinding setting to your requirements. That’s why; you need to know all the grinding settings and adjustments before you start to operate the hand grinder.

Here we are writing the grinding adjustment process for some manual hand grinders-

coffee grinder adjustment

Javapresse manual coffee grinder how to adjust?

  • To adjust your hand grinder, disassemble the top nut, crank handle, and top ring from the machine.
  • Move the adjusting ring by tightly holding the central spindle.
  • So now decide which grind size you want to make. If you need fine grind, turn the adjusting ring clockwise. If you need a coarser coffee ground, turn this ring anti-clockwise.
  • Once the adjustment has done successfully, reassemble all the machine parts correctly.

How to adjust Hario Skerton coffee grinder:

Hario Skerton is a Japanese brand and directly exported from Japan. So you will not get any written instruction on any adjustment procedure of this grinder in English. However, follow the below-listed procedure; you will get the details adjustment process of this manual grinder-

  • You can adjust the grinder without giving any coffee seed in the hoper. Separate the upper portion of your grinder from the bottom glass container. Then, remove some spare parts (e.g., nut, crank, and the locking bracket) from this grinder.
  • Place the top parts upside-down.
  • Tight the adjustment ring a little bit. Place the burrs in the zero points. It is to notify you that, from this zero point, you have to start your grinding adjustment.
  • If you notice carefully in the grinding tooling system, you will see that in this system, it has a notched collar, which helps to hold the setting system correctly in its place.
  • Starting from the zero points, if you move the ring anti-clockwise, for each notches patch, you will get one grinding number. So, hold the burrs, lose the notches for your desired grinding no. Some grinding adjustment no. for some particular coffee flavors are-

-Aeropress Coffee: Lose the adjustment collar at 2

-Drip cone Coffee: Lose the adjustment collar at 3

-Coffee: Lose the adjustment collar at 5

-Press Coffee: Lose the adjustment collar at 7

  • Once grinding adjustment is complete, replace all the metal parts that you have separated before.

How to adjust antique Coffee grinder:

  • Remove the knob, grinding handle and nut from the grinder.
  • Twist the notch collar to clockwise, if you want fine grind size.
  • Turn one knob anti-clockwise if you want the finest grind size.
  • Replace the removal parts from where you displace them all.

Final Words:

Large granular ground coffee will make your coffee just like mud. Again extra finest sizes coffee powder will make the coffee bitter. You have to grind the coffee seed at a perfect size; it will give you a proper consistency or thickness in the coffee liquid.

So this is all about on-how to adjust manual Coffee grinder in detail. I hope this article will help you to learn the adjustment procedure of your manual grinder.

Thank you.

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.