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We all have queries regarding the shot of espresso at Starbucks. So you are in the right place, and we are going to describe to you how many ounces is a shot of espresso at Starbucks.

You will also learn about the shots’ sizes with descriptive content. Also, you will find information about the caffeine content, the quality, how it creates, and how to use it. 

We are also providing the information which will help you to prepare the options like long shots, upside down and Ristretto.

So let’s go and get a brief overview.

Starbucks Espresso 

Starbucks espresso has four shot sizes available, and they are solo, doppio, triple and quad.

Starbucks offers several kinds of espresso, but three of them are blonde, decaf and dark, which are very popular. You will find them in most of the locations. These three espressos are highly available at the Starbucks outlet.

For the espresso, Starbucks uses a standard roast called Starbucks signature roast. 

Shot options are available only for Ristretto, long shots and regular.

The taste of long shots and Ristretto is different from the standard shot because of the different amounts of caffeine used. Different levels of caffeine are used for a different kinds of espresso.

How many ounces is a shot of espresso at Starbucks

Starbucks Espresso Shot Sizes

Starbucks espresso has types of shots available: solo, doppio, triple, and quad.

The name of Starbucks coffee’s shot size differs from other coffee shops. Here the solo means a single shot on the espresso, and doppio means a double or two shots. They use fancier words to mean different and unique from other coffee shops.

Normally, a single shot of espresso is one fluid ounce, and a double shot is two fluid ounces to the coffee world.

But Starbucks’ system is different from the other coffee shops. Their standard solo shots have 0.75 oz. So for every shot, it is the same and the double shot gets 2x of solo shots, the triple shot gets 3x, and the quad shot gets 4x.

Every espresso has different sizes, shots and ounces available. Here is the box where you will find the exact amount of ounces in a regular shot of espresso.

Starbucks espresso shot size Ounces in regular shot
Solo0.75 oz
Doppio1.50 oz
Triple2.25 oz
Quad3.00 oz

Many people don’t order straight shots of espresso from Starbucks. So you obviously will try to wonder about replacing the espresso with delicious drinks like white chocolate Mocha or Iced Caramel Macchiato.

Mainly the espresso shots vary on two things: cup size and recipe. Different sizes of cups have different types of shots, which also varies for the recipe.

You will find another article on my website about Starbucks packages, where you will find the best standard-flavor coffee. You will be guided through the given information, and we hope you will find the best Starbucks espresso coffee for you according to your taste

Caffeine in Starbucks espresso shots   

Starbucks’ signature espresso road has made espresso drinks unique for the people. They have a standard pull clock time of 18-23 seconds.

You can customize your drink according to the available flavour of the Starbucks, or you can go with the regular roast( dark, blonde or decaf) and shots (regular, Ristretto or long shot). But every shots and roast have a different amount of caffeine used. 

According to Starbucks policy, they usually use 75mg of caffeine for each standard shot of signature espresso, 85 mg for the blonde roast, and 10mg or more caffeine for the decaf.

Hope you have understood that how many ounces is a shot of espresso at Starbucks.

how much caffeine is one shot of espresso at starbucks

Shot Options of Starbucks espresso

Types of shots: 

We know that Starbucks espresso has three shots, and they are regular, Ristretto and long shots.

In order to ensure constant beverage quality from barista to barista and store to store, take note that the espresso is automatically supplied from the machine.

Here you will find a quick overview of every shot option: 

Regular or standard shot: Solo shot is called a regular shot, which takes 17-21 seconds to pull. The whole drink produces .75oz espresso and contains the amount of caffeine is 75mg of.

Ristretto shot

Ristretto is called a short shot, which takes a short time to prepare and uses much less water.

Usually, a Ristretto takes about 14 seconds to prepare fully. The shots’ volume is less but has more flavour than regular. They also have less caffeine modification than normal shots.

All the white drinks of Starbucks are made with ristretto shots.

Long shots

The long shots take longer than the regular Ristretto shots, and more water than the other shots is available. 

This flavour shot takes 42-46 seconds to complete the shot. Long shots are better for this espresso item because it takes time to gain the exact flavour.

More time you spend and more taste you will get from the espresso. Putting more water than the regular seems a little weaker than the regular taste of shot espresso.

Espresso Roast  

Most Starbucks has three types of roasts available, but in some shops, you can get more.

Let’s talk about the three roasts ( Dark, Blonde and Decaf) 

Different types of roast have different types of flavours and caffeine available. Let’s have a quick look: 

Dark(Signature Roast): A decent amount of drinks are made with the dark or signature roast.

Most people called it more standard than the other espresso roast.

Blonde Roast

Starbucks calls it the light espresso coffee, which is soft, flavourful and mellow. It tastes great when it pairs with honey, oat, or plant base milk.

So the blondie roast typically contains more caffeine than the signature roast. 

Decaf Roast

Normally, people take this coffee significantly less, so sometimes people don’t realize that Starbucks has a flavour of espresso coffee called decaf. There are lots of ways to order Starbucks decaf Coffee. 

You will find many licensed Starbucks coffee shops, but it doesn’t mean you will be decaf there. They have the old machine, so you are not getting the decaf from those stores. 

How many ounces is a shot of espresso

Short Notes

If you ever visit the app of Starbucks during the order, an espresso, have you noticed the shot pep option there? You will find an option in Upside down.

If you select the option upside down, it means you have ordered the drinks, which are made reverse than the normal.

It means that the espresso shot will be put over the milk. The Upside drink is mostly Starbucks caramel drink or caramel macchiatos.

Firstly vanilla syrup is used for the caramel macchiato, and at the end, espresso and caramel sauce are used. So the upside version is made differently, or you can call the reverse procedure of ordinary. It starts with caramel sauce and ends with vanilla. 


Starbucks espresso coffee and drinks are very popular throughout the whole world, and We hope you also love them. You are here only for that reason. We hope you have got a profound amount of knowledge about how many ounces is a shot of espresso at Starbucks.

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