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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, due to its ability to boost your energy levels and the fact that it can come in so many different ways. Not only can you brew regular black coffee, you can also get your coffee iced and blended. When you think of the benefits of coffee, you probably think about the fact that it helps wake you up. Although the caffeine in your coffee does help you wake you up and provide you with more energy, there are so many other ways coffee can benefit you. One way coffee can benefit you is by improving your athletic performance.

Coffee can improve your athletic performance when working out and playing different types of sports like soccer, baseball, paintball, basketball, etc. Coffee clocks adenosine, which releases dopamine and makes you feels more awake and energized. Coffee also increases adrenaline, which is a hormone that prepares your body for intense physical exertion. Your coffee can also improve your athletic performance by:

Reducing muscle pain

Caffeine has been known to have pain-relieving qualities. Caffeine is one of the main ingredients in pain medications such as Excedrin. Anyone that play sports or regularly works out knows all about the pain in your muscles following the activity.

The University of Georgia has found that drinking a small amount of caffeine can help reduce post-workout pain by up to fourty eight percent. The Journal of Pain, published in 2003, showed that caffeine can reduce muscle pain in intense workouts.

Coffee Improves Athletic Performance

Helping fight diseases

Coffee contains several different antioxidants to help reduce the risk of diseases by removing free radicals that cause inflammation in your body that could result in diseases. Antioxidants are essential to prevent and delay cell damage in your body.

Your morning coffee can help fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, and even cancer. Studies show that coffee drinkers have a 65% less chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Several studies have also shown that coffee can help reduce your chance of getting Parkinson’s disease by up to 60%.

Coffee can help reduce the risk of cancer by reducing the effects of chemical carcinogenesis in the liver tissue. One meta study has found that each cup of coffee an individual drink was linked to a 7% reduced risk of getting type 2 diabetes. A Harvard study, published in 2011, has found that people who drink coffee have a 20% reduced risk of depression.

Burning fat and boosting energy

Coffee is an ingredient in most fat burning supplements for a good reason. Drinking coffee can stimulate the body’s brown fat, the fat-burning cells, which can result in weight loss. The caffeine in your coffee helps the breakdown of the adipose tissue in a process called lipolysis. Once the fatty acids are released from storage they can be turned into energy. In other words, this process breaks down fat.

Consuming coffee can help us feel less tired and boost our energy levels. Coffee can help increase the release of catecholamines, which is known to make your heart beat faster, send more blood to your muscles, and help your liver release sugar in your bloodstream to give you energy.

Increasing metabolism

When you drink coffee regularly, it can help boost your metabolism. A study examined twelve males after they drank coffee. The study showed that the caffeine in their coffee helped boost their metabolism for about three hours after consuming the coffee. The caffeine in your coffee can increase your resting metabolic rate. Resting metabolic rate is the rate at which you burn calories without doing anything.

Another study showed that the chlorogenic acid in coffee helps slow down the absorption of sugar in the intestines. Therefore, coffee increases your metabolism by slowing down the absorption of sugars and carbs.

Coffee can help improve your athletic performance by increasing your metabolism, boosting your energy, helping you to burn fat, reducing muscle pain, and helping your body fight off diseases. Even though coffee has so many amazing health benefits, drinking too much coffee will help you build a tolerance resulting in these benefits becoming less effective. So drink your daily coffee, but don’t overdo it.

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.