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Nowadays, it has become a big question: Can I use espresso in a coffee maker? Technically Yes. You can get the taste of actual espresso with your regular coffee maker.

A large number of people love espresso, but they don’t own an espresso machine. You don’t have to worry about the making process. The process of making espresso without an espresso machine is not a difficult task.

Here we are to provide you with the process and the exact directions through which you will learn how you can put espresso in a coffee maker. The whole methods are very easy. 

You can enjoy the delicious flavor of espresso while staying home and get the exact flavor from your homemade espresso. Our instructions will provide you with magical espresso flavor through your coffee maker.

I hope you will go through the information and gather deep knowledge about making espresso through a standard drip coffee maker.

can you use starbucks espresso roast in a coffee machine

How close will it be to espresso?

This is very challenging to make espresso in a regular drip coffee maker. You need a certain amount of bold coffee to brew the espresso. 

To do this, you need a certain amount of water pressure through the fine ground. Drip coffee makers don’t have this function. 

The flow rate of the drip coffee maker is very high, but the water pressure is very low, which cannot create enough pressure to do the task. 

Espresso machines also create a crema, which you will miss if you make espresso with a standard machine.

So for these reasons, you will not get the exact flavor of the espresso. But it will be delicious, and the quality of the espresso will be closer to the real espresso. 

So if you want to create the best espresso, you have to modify the brewing method. Let’s go and reach out to the exclusive functions.

Espresso in a Drip machine

We are going to provide you the information on three different types of espresso-making processes in a coffee machine: 

> Pour in a tamp coffee ground

First, you have to put one tablespoon of fine coffee grounds into the filter of the coffee maker. 

Then press the grounds, which will create the pressure to brew the whole coffee.

This is not the final tamping process, but it helps the process be easier. 

>Add water

Boil two ounces of water

Then put the water into the water reservoir. 


Let’s press the brew option and relax.

If you have the option called concentrate brew, then press the option and take your time.

Note: Next 4 steps will provide you with detailed information.

>Water adjustment rule

You must take two ounces of boiled water for one spoonful of brewing espresso.

You have to adjust the water amount according to the calculation of the spoon for brewing coffee.

Add half an ounce of warm water if you find the water insufficient.

It will take a few times as an experiment because tastes differ in people’s minds. So you have to adjust the taste of what you want through a little experiment.

So this process will help you to get the classic flavor of the espresso that we have defined.


Grinding the coffee is very important, creating the espresso’s actual flavor. Don’t coarse the coffee because it will automatically percolate the water through the grounds, enriching the coffee’s flavor. 

If you take more time to brew and grind the coffee for a long time, it will be very flavorful and tasty. The size of the grinding coffee will be skinny, and it will mix with the milk or water very fast.

The coffee’s flavor and quality will depend on the time you have given on the grinding period. More grinding will make more delicious espresso. 

A medium-fine grind is purely acceptable for the espresso. A large amount of user experience commented that medium-fine grind works very well. 

can i use espresso in a coffee maker

>Water Temperature

You have to use boiled water with the ground coffee. You must use warm filtered water because it needs warm water during brewing.

The drip coffee maker at your home cannot reach the temperature to brew the espresso. 

The idea of using warm water is essential, and the machine will make it warmer during the grinding time of the espresso.

National Coffee Association says that you have to keep the temperature between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit which will help you to get the best flavor from the ground coffee. 

>Use Espresso blends or bold coffee

Are you looking for a muscular flavor that will give you the exact espresso flavor? Then you have to try using the bold coffee blend. 

Dark roasts, Italian, French, or Espresso, are the best blended and flavourful, which is very popular. If you are free, you can try them also.

Light roast is a pretty good espresso, and medium roast is also very flavourful. 

If you say that can you use Starbucks espresso roast in a coffee machine? Yes, you can. Just following the rules was given. It is an easy procedure. 

This a great opportunity to take all flavor types of coffee from the drip coffee maker. 


We all love coffee but don’t have an espresso machine available at our house. So the question is common to us: Can I use espresso in a coffee maker? 

Hope you have got a better understanding through the whole article. We have given step-by-step information that is very helpful and worked out very well.

The information was from research and experiment, so it would be easier for you to consume the espresso according to your selected flavor.

We all want high-quality coffee, so this information will help you produce flavorful coffee according to your needs.

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.