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Only coffee addicts will know that there is nothing like the taste of a real coffee. No matter whatever beverages you have all day long, at some point you will miss the smell and taste of a mug of coffee. You have probably gotten used to drinking your preferred mug or travel mug, which lets you just take it with you out of the house on your way. It may also take you some time to figure out the ideal mug, that only one suits your personality and fits your bag and also the one that keeps your coffee warm for as long as you want.

Therefore, the thought of being without your favorite coffee mug, when it comes to flying can leave you feeling a little disheartened and stripped of the ultimate coffee experience. The thought of your coffee mug getting replaced with much less inferior paper cups or even worse coffee cups can make you feel really unhappy. So, this leads you to the question that can I bring a coffee mug in my carry-on? Please read through this to learn more about it.

can i bring my yeti tumbler on a plane

Transport Security Administration (TSA) law

  • You would be pleased to realize that the answer to your question is a big yes! Though it depends on the airline that you would be traveling whether a domestic or non-domestic airline, as long as your coffee mug is properly sealed before the plane is about to board, it is allowed as per the  Transportation Security Administrations (TSA).
  • You are allowed to prepare a coffee mug in your carry on or to simply carry it, provided that you fly from or to the United States. As you get on your flight, you are allowed to take a coffee mug in your carry on or easily carry it on board.
  • However, some rules and conditions apply which you must follow. The TSA has restrictions about the type of fluids and the amount of fluid that you can carry in your bag. In fact, all fluids packed in your carry-on must be sealed in a box which has to be no larger than 3.4 ounces (0.1 liters) as part of their regulations. This then forbids the transport of filled mugs of coffee, which can be 8 ounces (0.24 liters) or larger, on board with your carrying bag.
  • While thinking can I bring a coffee mug in my carry-on? You must know that any carry-on objects that can be seen as a weapon or imitate a weapon (such as knives and nail cutters) are also of great concern to the TSA.
  • Thus, during the security check, any coffee mugs with sharp sides or involving a duplicate of any type of weapon may be seized and forbidden from being taken abroad through the airline flight. These sort of things may, however, be safely equipped and covered in your carry-on bag.
  • Whether it is a conventional mug or a handy travel mug is the coffee mug of your choice, it is crucial to properly carry it onboard your flight to avoid delaying while traveling. 
  • If you have not yet finished your coffee when on your way to the airport, you will be required to clear the mug of its contents before going through the security checking procedure. Otherwise, you will be prohibited from taking your coffee mug through the security check as per TSA law.

Things you must know

  • Many travelers around the world just mugs reload their at a nearby coffee shop inside the airport before their flight is about to board, after having successfully passed through the screening process, which is normally may not be a problem. 
  • Just be sure that you keep the receipt with you because if you experience any difficulties when the plane is on board, you can just simply include the receipt as proof that you have ordered it from the restaurant at the airport.
  •  If you are drinking iced coffee instead of a hot one then it may also help you to a great extent, a few airlines may view hot cup coffee as a matter of risk.
  • You might as well wait with your empty mug until you have passed the safety check and then reload the mug at the café of your airport before your flight is on board if you want. Or at the airport caféteria, you could also load your travel mug with coffee and then keep it sealed in your carry on and wait until you get on your flight to enjoy your coffee, which is not an issue normally.
  • Make sure to pack it empty when it comes to packing your coffee mug in your carry on. If there is a lid in your coffee mug attached to it, then simply remove it from the base and store it individually in your carry-on bag.
  • This will allow your bag to be easily searched and verified also to see whether the mug is empty or not. Otherwise, security cannot say if the mug is empty if the lid is left on, so it may pose a problem for you.
  • Perhaps you should also make sure that your mug is readily available in your carry-on such as in a front pocket, so that, if it needs to be checked then it will allow you to access it quickly to help avoid a long wait.
  • Just in case you are carrying a glass material coffee mug, do not worry because the TSA law allows you to carry on with glass products. To prevent problems, however, you may simply consider traveling with unbreakable materials, like mugs made of plastic instead, as breakable materials should crack in your pocket.
  •  It can once again trigger safety problems because it may act as a weapon. If you want to carry a glass cup or bottle in your carry on, make sure that you tightly wrap it to prevent it from breaking so that you can avoid safety problems.
  • You should also make sure that the glass meets your airline’s weight restrictions. If there is any problem with having your coffee mug in your carry on, then directly ask the supervisor to talk to get their approval, as often times it happens that workers might be new or simply do not know the rules and regulations properly.
can you bring glass on a plane carry on

Places other than airports

  • You must be thinking now that can I bring a coffee mug in my carry on in other places? While commuting by bus, often these same rules typically implement. However, bus lines often have no food or drink policy, which will stop you from having your favorite mug of coffee while traveling.
  • If you are confused about carrying your mug or any other objects on board are permitted or not, simply ask them while your bags are on security check. You can also tweet a screenshot or send it to the TSA account on Twitter through Facebook messenger about your queries and they will give answers to your queries.
  • TSA regulations may also vary, so do not forget to check their website for updates before your flight is on board, which will help you to make sure that the airlines pass on all the restrictions to prevent hold-ups and in few situations, even fines, and penalties.
  • Since regulations vary by country, you should always check with the country from which you are traveling for their product transport regulations and it is better to let the screening agents know just in case you are carrying liquid in your coffee mug just to avoid problems.

Certain things to know

  • Passengers are allowed to bear powder-like substances in their bags under the TSA powder regulations. However, they must not exceed 12 ounces (0.35 liters) or 350 ml in size. In checked handbag or luggage, something greater than this will be allowed.
  • They must also be put in a separate bag for X-ray inspection when carrying powder-like substances into your carry on. They may also be subject to and will need to be opened for further screening. Again, it is to remind you that regulations differ by region, so make sure you consult with the country from which you travel and learn its rules thoroughly. 
  • Steel mugs do an excellent job of keeping warm coffee hot and chilled coffee cool for long, particularly those insulated steel mugs, which is why they are such a common option and one that you might want to carry on in your flight with you as a companion.
  • However, you might be thinking if it is okay to carry steel mugs in your carry on because of it’s contents, which is known to set off as metal detectors, and the reply to your query is again yes. 
  • As well as in your handbags, steel mugs are permitted to take in a carry-on, provided that when you reach the security checkpoint they are free of liquids. Then you can simply pour it with your preferred cold or hot drink once you reach the other side of your country.
  • During the security scan, although, insulated steel mugs can be more difficult to see through. Thus, they can need a physical examination, so you better be prepared for it accordingly.
  • Although some airports encourage you to purchase a drink at the airport bar, you can walk around the place and have fun. It is illegal for you to take your unfinished or leftover drink on the plane with you.
  • On the other hand, if it is unopened, any alcohol bought inside the terminal can only be taken on board, which you may drink when you take off from the plane and get out of the airport.
  • Some airlines, however, will authorize you to buy alcohol at the airport and take it unopened on board, and you will be allowed to drink it as they will open the drink for you and serve it. Although, any remaining part of your drink can not be taken off the plane until you reach your designated place. 

What sort of material is ideal for a carry-on?

  • If you do not have a coffee travel mug yet, then this is the perfect time for you to determine the perfect one! Every time you will think about that can I bring a coffee mug in my carry-on or not then the second thing will be the material of your coffee mug. The primary options are few when it comes to taking on flights. So, without any further delay let us have a look at each of them.
  • The option is essentially down to your preference but each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, let us go through them thoroughly in order to make an ideal decision.

Plastic mugs

A plastic mug is the most robust mug which you can have but the taste is most likely to be affected. While they are also the cheapest among many, but they are often the least insulating, your drink can easily get cold. There is a very high chance of deforming if too much high temperature comes near your mug.

can I bring a coffee mug in my carry on

Glass mugs

In the case of a glass mug so far I have witnessed there is a very high chance of breaking. They are one of the most costly as well. They are bulky and hard to carry on handbags. However, the impact on the flavor of your coffee will be negligible.

Ceramic mugs

Ceramics mugs are really fascinating. It is exactly the same substance as a normal mug at home. They are pretty insulative-materials and do not change the taste. The ceramic mugs are made of rock-like material and the bad thing about ceramic mugs is that they are a little harder than glass. Thus, it is also subject to breakage and you would want to crack a mug at the airport as it is not worth the hassle.

Metal mugs

They are mugs of metal and my personal preference is this one as metal mugs are challenging. If one mug ever split or crack, I would be very amazed. They are sealed, lightweight, and priced very mid-range as well. Their only minor drawback is that they can have a mild flavor effect.

However, I think this is a trade-off for me that I am able to make. The metal flavor also seems to be going away over time. Therefore, you can definitely try out this one whenever you like wherever you like!

Final Words

Hopefully, can I bring a coffee mug in my carry-on or not has been answered in this article, I believe. Therefore, enjoy your coffee wherever you like & whenever you like. Just keep the rules and regulations in mind when you are entering your flight or such places. Once you know these policies and religiously abide by them, you are good to go! So, sip your coffee and enjoy it!

As an Amazon & Walmart Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.